Oil and gas

Our team of experts understands the needs of the industry and has many years of practical project experience. We provide tailor-made legal advice to entrepreneurs in the oil and gas sector, supporting them at every stage of the investment cycle (upstream, midstream, downstream).

It is essential to combine legal experience with business practice and ongoing involvement in industry issues. We can help with all of your regulatory, investment, transactional and tax issues. Our strong environmental law team can also advise on the environmental aspects of your business operations or projects.

How can we help?

Environmental protection

  • Advising on all legally required documents and permits regarding environmental impact assessments;
  • Providing day-to-day supervision of environmental impact assessments and the environmental decision procedure, particularly to ensure that they are carried out regularly;
  • Representing clients before environmental protection authorities and local authorities;
  • Participating in meetings with Regional Directors of Environmental Protection, Regional Inspectorates of Environmental Protection;
  • Liaising with environmental experts to ensure optimal project implementation, taking into account the investor’s interests while ensuring minimal environmental impact;
  • Helping to obtain water law permits;
  • Helping to obtain permits for waste generation, including hazardous and extractive waste, and permits for dust and gas emissions into the air;
  • Advising on liability for environmental damage and historical environmental damage; helping to obtain decisions to establish a remedial plan, and decisions on the direction of remedial actions.

Transaction advice

  • Advising oil and gas companies on transactions to sell companies (share deals) and assets (asset deals), both on the seller and buyer side;
  • Advising joint ventures on all available models (e.g. consortium, joint venture, shareholders’ agreement, farm-in, farm-out, JOA, etc.);
  • Analysing the legal and tax implications of projects and existing companies;
  • Designing optimised tax structures for M&A and JV transactions;
  • Advising on project financing in the oil and gas sector, using corporate finance, project finance, bonds and IPOs.

Day-to-day advice to companies in the oil and gas sector

  • Providing corporate advice, including acting as corporate secretary, servicing the Management Board, Supervisory Board, General Meetings / Shareholders’ Meetings proceedings, arranging funding from shareholders, etc;
  • Advising on copyright, personal data protection, competition law
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts for day-to-day operations;
  • Advising on labour law
  • Representing clients in disputes with contractors;
  • Providing day-to-day tax advice.