PWEA 2023 Conference – Renewables a reason of state for Poland?

Renewable energy sources are a matter of raison d’état for many countries. This is also the case for Poland.

We would like to invite you to the Polish Wind Energy Association conference that takes place on 20–22 June 2023 in Serock.

In the context of the energy transition and climate change, independence from traditional energy sources and gas and oil imports from Russia, we should invest in alternative energy sources from wind, water, sun, etc. According to an analysis by the Polish Energy Networks, the potential for electricity production from RES in Poland can reach more than 100 TWh per year by 2030. This would cover more than half of our energy needs.

It is an excellent opportunity to discuss Poland’s energy policy, the RES market, geopolitics and technologies in the energy sector.

The conference will be attended by our experts Dominik Strzałkowski, Grzegorz Filipowicz, Ilona Fedurek, Hubert Wysoczański, Anita Palukiewicz and Joanna Perzyna.

The meeting has an international dimension: it gathers 1,500 participants, 100 speakers from 35 countries and 100 RES partners and sponsors. The event brings together key decision-makers, opinion leaders, representatives of local authorities, business and environmental associations, the media and the entire wind industry.

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