The biggest conference of young leaders!

The European Business Alliance Forum – the biggest conference of young leaders – is taking place in Poznań on April 12th, 2019 in Novotel Poznań Centrum.

Szymon Okoń, Ph.D., partner at SSW Pragmatic Solutions is a Member of the EBAF Program Board.

The main theme of the meeting is: “Knowledge and innovations for digital transformation, economic growth and business development”.

There will be 4 discussion blocks:

  • Age of Artificial Inteligence and Blockchain
  • Venture market – financing innovation
  • Capital markets & alternative investments
  • Digital transformation in the banking sector and consumer electronic payments

Szymon Okoń, Ph.D., will participate in a panel discussion Capital markets and alternative investments. Other panellists include: Grzegorz Chłopek, CEO at Nationale – Nederlanden PTE, Prof. Paweł Śliwiński,CEO at Dom Maklerski INC, Kamil Gemra, Ph.D., Partner at InnerValue, Vice-president at Partners & Ventures, Rafał Maciejewski, CEO at Maciejewski Inwestycje Kreatywne and Krzysztof Knopp, Founder EBAF.

The main aim of the conference is to exchange knowledge and experience between a group of current business leaders and experts, and a group of talented, ambitious, young people. Contact between these groups should lead to a better understanding of business, helping develop innovative ideas into real business models, increasing entrepreneurship among young people, increasing the spectrum of knowldege about technological innovations and its impact on  economic growth.

The event is organised under the patronage of The Ministry of Investment and Economic Development and The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

More on the organisers website: LINK

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