SSW acts as the legal advisor in the IPO process of Krynica Vitamin S.A.

Krynica Vitamin S.A., a leading producer on the functional beverages market published a prospectus in connection with the initial public offering and the planned introduction of its stocks on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The preparation works concerning the prospectus and the initial public offering have been coordinated by the capital markets law team of SSW.

The business activity of Krynica Vitamin S.A. is based on the production of beverages and bottling services. Currently, the majority of the company's product portfolio is constituted by energy drinks but the group has a broad range of isotonic, hypotonic, metabolism boosting beverages and vitamin dietary supplements, functional waters, modern multi-fruit drinks, alcopops, ciders, malt drinks as well as selected CSDs.

The preparation of the prospectus and other activities related to the public offering have been coordinated by Dr Szymon Okoń, Partner in the Capital Markets Law Team of SSW.

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