The PPK (Employee Capital Schemes) may be the breakthrough that the Polish stock exchange

“The Warsaw Stock Exchange and NewConnect are excellent places to help develop gaming companies. If we offer these opportunities to other industries, there will be a good atmosphere on the Polish stock exchange” Szymon Okoń, Ph.D.,  SSW Pragmatic Solutions.

The PPK (Employee Capital Schemes) may be the breakthrough that the Polish stock exchange needs to  save it from long-term stagnation. It would be sufficient to have a capital flow to the WSE, the valuations would be improved and the market would begin to generate value for investors and participants. The Polish gaming sector, as well as the American stock exchange, are some of  the best examples that prove that high valuations become the catalyst for even higher profits. We would like to invite you to a talk about the Polish capital market, which shows that there is a chance for a breakthrough.

Szymon Okoń is a partner at SSW Pragmatic Solutions, a legal counsel,  a PhD in Law and a PhD in Finance. He sits on the supervisory boards of various companies listed on the WSE and NewConnect, in particular from the gaming sector. He was responsible for IPOs of all the major offers of the game developers industry. These transactions include PlayWay, Ten Square Games and BoomBit.


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