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SSW HR MeetUps – 2 February 2024

SSW HR MeetUps is a recurring meetings initiative (currently webinars) with managers and advisors who deal with employment law and HR on a daily basis. The aim of our meetings is to exchange knowledge and experience, and to network among practitioners.

During the next meeting, members of the SSW Labour law team – Marcin Cetnarowicz, Sara Dehina and Joanna Wymiatał – will present issues concerning changes in the OSH regulations for display screen equipment, in training policy and will discuss the case of parallel employment for multiple employers. Below is a detailed agenda of the meeting. Join the event!


Amendments to health and safety regulations for display screen equipment – new rules for working with computers:

  • Under what conditions should employers reimburse employees for contact lenses and corrective glasses? Overview of key issues.
  • Adapting workplaces equipped with display screens to the new requirements – what to keep in mind, what to look out for?
  • Implications of the amendment for employees working remotely.

Training policy

  • Is a training policy mandatory for every employer?
  • Types of training versus employee and employer obligations.
  • Loyalty agreement – what to keep in mind when preparing it?

Case study – parallel employment with multiple employers (new Article 261 of the Polish Labour Code)

  • Under what conditions can an employer prohibit an employee from parallel employment with other employers?
  • Can an employee be obliged to inform the employer of parallel employment?
  • What to keep in mind, what to look out for?

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