SSW advances in the 2016 Rzeczpospolita Ranking

In this year's Ranking of Law Firms organised by Rzeczpospolita SSW achieved an excellent result and advanced in 2 categories:

  • according to the number of advocates and attorneys we ranked on  29th place (as compared to 35th place one year earlier). In 2016, we reported 30 advocates and attorneys in the Ranking while their number in 2015 totalled 24;
  • according to the number of lawyers we ranked in 25th place (as compared to 34th place last year). In 2016, we reported 57 lawyers in the Ranking while their number in 2015 totalled 45.

As shown by the above figures, we are one of the most dynamically growing law firms in Poland. For comparison, in 2010 we ranked on 104th place in the Rzeczpospolita's Ranking.

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