SSW experts advise on the acquisition of the Tesco real estate portfolio.

Investment vehicles, belonging to the 4fi and Origami groups conducting the investment activity, primarily on the retail real estate market, will take over the portfolio of five commercial facilities from Tesco, where hypermarkets and smaller stores are located, in various Polish cities.

Our multidisciplinary team of SSW Pragmatic Solutions experts will advise the buyer during the transaction:

·         for real estate practice, the team who is responsible for due diligence and transactions: Maciej Duch, Paweł Śliwka, Karol Lewandowski, Robert Wodzyński and Magdalena Klimczyk,

·         for tax practice: Tomasz Wickel and Rafał Łapiński,

·         for antitrust practice: Jakub Jędrzejewski,

·         for corporate law practice: Michał Badowski and Iwona Domańska.


The acquisition will involve the purchase of 100% of all rights and obligations in object companies. The real estate consists of areas of Tesco’s mega store and areas rented for other types of retail sales and services.

According to the assumptions, the stores will be modernized and opened by another trading company.

The consent of the UOKiK is still required to finalize the transaction.

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