Legal shield to ensure cybersecurity of smart buildings

Comments for Puls Biznesu daily regarding legal aspects of ensuring cybersecurity of so-called smart buildings:

Legal issues play an important role in ensuring cybersecurity of smart buildings. For example, recognising licence terms and development standards of various applications and devices will prevent purchasing those solutions which may not be integrated with the products from other suppliers. Any incompatibility may negatively affect not only their function and integration of various IT solutions but also their susceptibility to attacks.
Legal issues which should be taken into account in agreements with the suppliers of the elements of smart buildings should include among others the software development standards, liability rules for security incidents, testing and acceptance procedures, error removing procedures, issues related to the intellectual property, software documentation, software maintenance, development and integration etc.
It is also necessary to prepare the rules of gathering and processing the data collected by the IT systems of the buildings (including personal data, which is connected with the GDPR requirements). IT and legal security audits (including licences) of the building automation systems and the related applications should be performed on a regular basis as they help eliminate the solutions which do not guarantee an appropriate security level.

The full article is available on Puls Biznesu website (Polish language version only)

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