Uninterrupted support of SSW for our Clients

Despite the growing number of the cases of COVID-19, we would like to make sure that, regardless of the inconveniences, we will keep on providing our Clients with ongoing assistance. Since the very beginning of the epidemiological risk, we have observed on our premises procedures that are compliant with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. We have been using technological solutions for years  which enable us to work from anywhere we want. This  is why it was so easy for us to start teleworking smoothly and in accordance with all data security and confidentiality requirements. In fact you probably didn’t  even realize that we had.

The new situation is an organizational and business challenge both for SSW and our Clients. We believe that the advisory services we will provide in an uninterrupted way, regardless of the market conditions, will deliver precious support for you, especially in the current situation. Our team of qualified lawyers and advisors remains devoted to its Clients. You are particularly invited to contact us in case of any negative consequence of COVID-19 for your business – Coronavirus business points.

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