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The most stable feature of out tax system is its permanent changing. Our role is to help our customers in effective management of the tax area in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Fast development of technologies additionally forces changes in management of various areas of the companies, including taxes.

Our tax advisors, legal counsels, attorneys and economists provide a wide range of tax services including ad hoc consulting, comprehensive consulting for M&A transactions and restructuring activities, representing the customers in tax controls and proceedings, and property succession planning.

Tax and legal challenges for 2020

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Consulting regarding restructuring and acquisition

Are you planning reorganisation of the ownership structure of your assets? Tax security of such actions should be one of the key elements of that process.

While providing advice in restructuring or acquisition processes, we offer tax and legal consulting aimed at maximising the available benefits with simultaneous limitation of tax risks and expenses.

While analysing the consequences of mergers, acquisitions and divisions of commercial entities, acquisition and disposal of assets, we take into account the expectations of the transaction participants who want to conduct the planned business processes in an efficient, secure and optimum way.

We advise on complex transactions, often engaging entities from various jurisdictions, cooperating with a flexible network of foreign tax and legal advisors. We are open to cooperation with the entities indicated by the customer, we can also recommend proven specialists from large and small advising companies in specific jurisdictions.

Consulting regarding restructuring and acquisition

Succession planning

Family companies constitute a driving force of economic growth in almost all countries. In family companies, it is very important to maintain balance between performance of business goals, among others development and innovation, and maintaining the family values. Around the world, only one in three family companies successfully completes the succession process.

How to effectively prepare the next generation to take over the company and what to do in order to achieve both family and company success?

Succession planning


Ad hoc consulting, including hot-line consulting, for entities from the electro-tools sector.

A project for one of the largest entities from the power sector - obtaining a strategically beneficial solution allowing saving significant VAT amounts and recover the tax on civil law transactions

Advising within the scope of implications of VAT and income tax with respect to “bad debt” connected with leases for an entity from the education sector

Tax planning and management of an aircraft acquisition transaction by a special purpose vehicle of the State Treasury specialising in restructuring of companies - within the scope of satisfaction of receivables arising from bonds

Tax consulting within the scope of creating corporate structures in Poland for mining companies from the USA, Canada or Australia

Advising within the scope of tax implications of promotional campaigns conducted by entities from various industry and trade sectors

Tax services during assignment of the aircrafts leasing agreement to a spv appointed by PARP

Success in the precedence proceedings concerning return of the interest of the overpaid VAT due to the former shareholders of a general partnership - VAT taxpayer

Representation of one of the largest private higher education schools in the proceedings concerning the tax on real properties

Representation of a foreign member of the management board acting as a capital company in accordance with the Cypriot regulations in precedence proceedings concerning the liability of a member of the management board for VAT liabilities

Obtaining a beneficial decision for the customer from the Supreme Administrative Court opening the possibilities to recover VAT on the amounts paid as advances

Court representation in the case where the court confirmed that it is admissible to grant a loan without transferring cash resources if the debtor holds a liability towards the lender

Court representation in the case where the court considered justified the argumentation based on the decision of the Constitution Tribunal supporting the limitation of the amount of the determined enforcement costs depending on the work of the authority and the value of the enforced debt.

Ad hoc support during selected control actions, for example hearings of witnesses or the party in order to ensure control activities conducted in an effective way and in compliance with the applicable regulations

Representation of a member of the management board - a Polish natural person during the proceedings concerning third party liability; procedural irregularities on the side of the authority were proven in the proceedings which resulted in a significant decrease of the third party liability

In connection with complicated family situation of one of our customers, we prepared and implemented a complex succession plan using a foundation established in Liechtenstein. The succession plan contained a number of conditions for inheritance and contained various scenarios which can occur in the future.

We ordered the functioning of the capital group which comprised a number of companies and, among others, an investment fund. The structure was dominated by a foundation with specifically established long-term management system taking into account the generation changes.

We prepared the assumptions of functioning and implemented the appropriate solutions allowing effective management of the capital structure comprising companies from various jurisdictions and determined the property inheritance rules using a foreign foundation.

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