The most constant feature of the Polish tax system is its constant change. Our mission is to support you in most effectively managing your tax obligations in accordance with the current legislation.

Our tax advisers, attorneys-at-law and economists provide comprehensive tax advice and ongoing support in relation to M&A transactions and restructurings, representing clients in tax audits and proceedings, and succession planning.

How can we help?

Advice on restructuring and reorganisation

  • Providing tax and legal solutions, maximising achievable benefits while reducing costs and tax risks

Advice on complex international transactions

  • Liaising with a network of foreign tax and legal advisors;
  • Possibility to work with entities designated by the client.


  • Advising and representing clients during proceedings conducted by tax authorities;
  • Advising during control and enforcement proceedings;
  • Advising and representation clients during court proceedings.

Succession planning

  • Advising on preparing the next generation to take over the company;
  • Establising a family foundation.

Selected projects

Tax and fiscal proceedings

  • Representing a client before the WSA, which resulted in a favourable ruling on VAT that saved the client approx. PLN 30 million;
  • Representing a client before the WAS and successfully defending allegations that the client had unlawfully deducted input tax;
  • Representing a client in proceedings before the Voivodship Administrative Court, which resulted in a favourable judgment which categorized the taxpayer’s use of an exemption from real estate tax on railway infrastructure as public aid;
  • Auditing the client’s transactions in terms of their qualification as tax schemes and, consequently, the obligation to report them;
  • Representing a client from the fuel industry in a dispute and successfully challenged decisions issued against the client for over 150 million PLN in VAT arrears.
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  • Advising a developer of computer games on court proceedings regarding a complaint against an individual interpretation which concerned the moment when tax liability arose for services for the continuous provision of games in licensed form on internet platforms;
  • Advising Verco and Elanda Pharma on the implementation of KSeF;
  • Advising L2BEAT on obtaining an individual interpretation on the tax point for salaries paid to associates (B2B contracts) under an incentive scheme;
  • Advising Lumel on VAT on a day-to-day basis;
  • Advising CITI Bank on applicable VAT rates;
  • Structing the tax issues (including VAT) of a complex project to relocate employees of the Ukrainian branch of a company to Poland and organizing their remote work from Poland, together with a model for settling expenses incurred by the Ukrainian company.

Day-to-day advisory

  • Providing day-to-day tax advice to a foreign branch that is a Shared Services Centre for CitiGroup globally, with particular focus on VAT taxation of outsourced services.