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Anita Palukiewicz a speaker at the 15th Conference on Selective Collection, Segregation and Recycling of Waste

The packaging deposit system, according to the latest amendment to the Act on Packaging and Waste Management, will come into force in Poland as of 1 January 2025. The new solutions are aimed at increasing the level of selective collection and, as a result, recycling of packaging waste. The amendment assumes that the deposit system will be set up by entrepreneurs marketing packaged beverages, and shops with a surface area of more than 200 m2 will be obliged to participate in the system as collectors of empty beverage packaging and settlers of the deposit.

Is the deposit system likely to fulfill its purpose without the implementation of the ERP provisions? How will the new solutions affect the current packaging waste recycling system? Is the deposit system the best tool to achieve the required levels of separate collection?

These and other questions will be answered by Anita Palukiewicz, SSW Partner, during her presentation “Deposit system and ERP” at the 15th Conference on Selective Collection, Segregation and Recycling of Waste to be held on 30.01–01.02.2024.

For more information and to register, visit the organiser’s website (only in Polish):

15. Konferencja Selektywna zbiórka, segregacja i recykling odpadów (

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