New rules for HR records

The first half of 2019 brought significant changes to the provisions of law pertaining to HR records and the processing of employee and candidate personal data.

The most important changes within the scope of HR records are:

  • the period for which HR records have to be kept has been reduced,
  • personal records have been reorganised,
  • HR records kept solely in an electronic format will be acceptable.

Furthermore, pursuant to the Act changing certain pieces of legislation to allow for the application of the GDPR (known as ustawa sektorowa in Poland), which entered into force on May the 4th of this year, provisions pertaining to the processing of employee personal data have also been amended.

The key changes in this area entail an ordering of the catalogue of data which employers will be able to process within the scope of recruitment processes and during employment periods, admission of additional data to processing pursuant to a consent and admission of biometric data to processing by employers.

What are the new challenges faced by employers and HR departments stemming from these new provisions and how to respond to them?

To find out, please read the material prepared by Joanna Tomaszewska and Marcin Cetnarowicz.

The material can be accessed by clicking the link below.

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