Be careful with biometry

Using biometric data in everyday life and in business.

Biometric data are a set of personal data which enables for the certain identification of a given person by using characteristic that are unique to them, such as their face shape or their fingerprints. In line with the provisions of GDPR, processing such data is forbidden and only possible upon exceptions , such as the consent of the data subject.

Biometry has become a commonly use tool because of the general progress in technological. Biometric solutions are employed as a security measures for a range of uses including smartphones, modern passports and ID cards, and even in certain gyms in order to identify the club members without the necessity of checking their membership card.  Additionally, it is not a secret that the Internet and social media giants such as Google and Facebook use biometric data in order to profile advertisements and the contents presented to users.

Business representatives have also noticed the opportunity to use biometric data. Currently, this solution is the most common used in the banking sector. Biometry can be used in this sector to secure access to mobile applications, accounts in transaction services or for the identification of customers using their helplines, and while creating bank accounts on the Internet.

Behavioral biometry constitutes an addition to the traditional biometry. Behavioral data can be used to supplement biometric features by adding the behavioural  data of a specific person, which are not their biological features.  Handwriting or the power that they  press  the screen of a smartphone  may constitute as examples of behavioral data.

The most significant benefit of employing biometric data in securing our personal data or our money on the Internet is, in general, the difficulty of such data being used by third parties. The combination of  traditional biometric data and behavioral biometry allows for the creation of a complex, unique pattern that provides a robust defence against fraud.

Using biometric data may help in running an effective business, but you should remember that such personal data are protected in very specific ways.  They cannot be used freely,  and you should consider not only the provisions of GDPR, but also the data minimisation rule. The use of such data should always requires a decision to be made on the balance between the goals of the business and the rights and freedoms of the data subjects. Every use of such data should be considered on a case by case basis. We are always happy for you to consult with us.

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