ZUS with no limits?

The topic of abolishing the currently applicable (30-multiple) limit on contributions towards ZUS has reappeared on the legislative agenda. The idea was discussed yesterday by members of the parliamentary Committee on Economy and Development. How realistic are the prospects for that limit actually being abolished in the near future?

To date, the government has made no official announcement about this. The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Finance, who attended the committee meeting, said merely that his opinion on the bill to abolish the 30-fold limit on contributions towards ZUS should be subject to public consultations in October.

Let us remind you that the assumptions of the draft budget for 2020 foresee that budget revenues will be gained in this manner. Furthermore, the draft legislation that would abolish the current 30-fold limit on contributions towards ZUS is de facto ready (it has already been adopted by Parliament, but its entry into force was suspended by the Constitutional Tribunal for procedural reasons), so it should be expected that these changes will take place very quickly after the final decision of the governing bodies.

The above makes it worthwhile to assess what this change in ZUS contributions would mean for your organization and how you can best prepare for it. Our experts would be delighted to share their experience and knowledge in this area with you. Please feel free to contact us.

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