SSW Pragmatic Solutions a partner of „Fly your drone safely” campaign

Experts indicate that increase of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles/drones) is starting to affect airport operations and therefore air traffic management institutions are worried about numbers of reports of near-misses with commercial airplanes.

Drones are our future and can be very useful in many sectors (energy, military, advertising and media). Yet they present a great danger when operated without a broad knowledge of flight rules and airspace structures.

The aim of the „Fly your drone safely campaign” is to promote the basic knowledge for drone users how to operate drone in accordance with aviation law and common sense.

SSW aviation law expert, Joanna Wieczorek, is the author of the campaign „Fly your drone safely” together with Jerzy Makula (CEO of LOT Crew)  which is exposed to public in Chopin Airport in Warsaw and other localisations in Poland.

Official partners of the campaign are Ministry of Digitalisation, Lot Classic, LOT POLISH AIRLINES, Chopin Airport, WB Electronic, PGE, Evionica, Fly Tech, UAV Academy, Dolina Lotnicza, Instytut Lotniczy, Rzeszów Airport, PANSA, Targi Kielce, Targi Lotnictwa Lekkiego, Drone Exhibition Kielce and SSW Aviation Law Practice.

We invite you to learn more on the webside of the campaign: lataj.pro

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