JPK and BDO – Another amendment to the Waste Act

The Ministry of Development is working on a draft amendment to the Waste Act and certain other acts. This project will be a response to the increasing share of the informal economy in the waste management sector.

The Ministry proposes that, in connection with the introduction of the obligation to use the Waste Database (BDO) in the field of documenting waste turnover from January 1st, 2020, data from BDO should be verified with data from JPK VAT held by the National Tax Administration.

The planned solution will confirm the correctness and compliance of the data entered the BDO system and JPK files and identify potential differences. Consequently, the authorities will obtain knowledge about inaccuracies and will be able to limit the informal economy while verifying information sent by entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis

The planned date of adoption of the project by the government is Q1 2020.

The draft law is not yet available on the RCL website, and more information on planned changes can be found in the Council of Ministers’ legislative and program work (No. UD33).

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