Poland – a safe harbour for your business during the storm in Belarus

The current political crisis in Belarus has been ongoing for several weeks now. The political and economic situation in Belarus is far from stable. As often witnessed in various countries, such instability may affect foreign businesses located in Belarus. It may not be excluded that Belarus may even be subject to international or US sanctions in the near future.

How to deal with rising threats for businesses in Belarus?

One option, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst US-based investors, is to relocate their business to outside Belarus. This allows entrepreneurs to mitigate the risks and consequences of ongoing political and economic instability.

From an economic, cultural and geographical perspectives, Poland represents the most obvious new location for US-based entrepreneurs.

Why Poland?

Poland is politically and economically stable. It is a member of both NATO and the EU, located in the heart of Europe, at the heart of East-West and North-South trade routes. This creates numerous possibilities for business growth.

Irrespective of business sector, Poland offers tens of thousands of well-educated, white collar workers and hard-working, blue collar workers. Any investor wishing to relocate their current Belarussian workers and business can easily manage this, as Poland offers simplified immigration procedures for Belarussians, particularly to those within the IT sector.

Polish commercial and individual tax rates are competitive when compared to other CEE countries. Foreign investors can also benefit from a number of preferential tax treatments, including Special Economic Zones. Additional investment incentives apply to businesses located close to the Polish- Belarusian border.

Poland ranks 33rd from 190 countries listed in the Doing Business ranking. Poland’s capital city (Warsaw) was ranked the 3rd most business-friendly European city in the latest FDI Intelligence ranking, placing it above Berlin, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

How can we help?

Relocating a business to a new country can be a difficult and complicated challenge. SSW Pragmatic Solutions – as a leading one-stop-shop law firm in Poland – offers comprehensive advice on every one of the many legal, tax and business issues that arise during such a relocation.


  • Advising on establishing the most suitablecorporate structures for the relocatedbusiness.
  • Navigating the choice of legal structures forforeign investors.
  • Preparing corporate documents andassisting with registration obligations

Employment & Global Mobility

  • Providing a broad range of assistance onall HR matters, particularly on establishingemployment structures, preparing templatecontracts and corporate regulations/policies.
  • Assisting on all global mobility issues,particularly as regards tax and immigrationrequirements for foreign employees and topexecutives.

Tax & State Aid

  • Creating tax efficient structures for therelocated business.
  • Advising on the best choice of preferentialtax treatments available to foreign investors.
  • Helping with day-to-day tax matters andtransfer pricing assessments, if needed.

Payroll & Accounting

  • Providing a broad scope of payroll andaccounting services, including not only basicmonthly settlements.
  • Advising on payroll, processing and expenseclaims, carrying out all compulsory periodicfilings and filing accounts, payroll information,corporate tax and VAT summaries and muchmore.


Our multidisciplinary team includes lawyers, business and tax advisors who cover an enormous range of specializations, such as IP issues, data protection, real estate, M&A, benchmarking and much more. Whatever advice or assistance you may need, whether before, during or after business relocation, our team can help.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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