SSW Pragmatic Solutions acted as legal advisors in the share buyback process of Cloud Technologies SA

Lawyers from the Capital Markets Practice of SSW Pragmatic Solutions advised in the share buyback process undertaken by Cloud Technologies S.A. The company has embarked on the process to buy back up to 920.000 shares and intends to spend up to PLN 18.000.000 on the purchased shares. The brokerage house which acts as an intermediary in the buyback process is IPOPEMA Securities S.A.
The advice provided by SSW’s lawyers included comprehensive support in the preparation of documents related to the buyback process, including corporate documents, rules for purchase of own shares and invitation notice to tender shares, as well as in the fulfilment of disclosure obligations related to the buyback process.
On the part of SSW, the project was supported by Dr Szymon Okoń, Attorney at Law and Partner in the Capital Markets Practice and Katarzyna Dymel, Associate.

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