The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) has approved a prospectus of XTPL S.A. SSW acted as the company’s legal advisor in the process

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) has approved a prospectus of XTPL S.A. – a company which provides revolutionary nano-printing technology.

XTPL is a company operating in the nanotechnology market segment. They are developing & commercializing a globally innovative technology, protected by international patent applications, that enables ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. Their solution – due to its platform character – will be used in a wide printed electronics sector & provide low-cost, simple, additive manufacturing method for high-tech devices. The technology will facilitate the production of a new generation of transparent conductive films (TCF) used in manufacturing of e.g. monitors, touch screens, photovoltaic cells & displays – where XTPL can also deliver the technology for open defects repair and quantum dots dispensing.

The prospectus was prepared by SSW’s lawyers from the capital markets team.

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