Less greenfield investments, more M&A transactions

Our expert, Łukasz Karpiesiuk, partner in the tax department, comments on FDI trends in Poland:

A slump in FDIs is noticeable, but foreign investors are more and more often looking at M&A opportunities related to companies operating in Poland. Our market and market players seem a tempting alternative, as it’s easier for foreign investors to expand their operations in Poland, through the acquisition of a well-established local company e.g. a family business, rather than to start from a scratch. A company like this is also favourably priced – compared to the global average. A pool of so many attractive target companies being available on our market seems to be an indirect reason for the decrease in brownfield investments. On the other hand, Poland’s investor-friendly image has been dented  by the impact of  regulations, which foreign investors may find concerning.

Full article is available on Rzeczpospolita and Parkiet websites (Polish language only).

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