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Filip Balcerzak takes part in the 9th Sarajevo Arbiration Day

Association Arbitri ( organises the 9th Sarajevo Arbitration Day on 8 November 2023. The topics this year include the future of international arbitration, the AI use in arbitration, ECT and the Western Balkans, and the disputes in the energy transformation. 

SSW expert, dr Filip Balcerzak, takes part in the panel “Renewable energy disputes in a world without the ECT: How to avoid the ‘Spanish Scenario’ in the energy transition?”. 

The “Spanish Saga” or the “Spanish Scenario” is an unprecedented series of arbitration proceedings between the Spanish state and the investors regarding changes in RES regulation. 

If you are interested in the topics of arbitration, renewable energy and the energy transformation, don’t miss out on the 9th Sarajevo Arbitration Day. 

The tickets are available here

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