Kaleidoscope “Green and quiet flying with LOT” | February Edition

Reduction and mitigation of noise are among the aviation sector’s priorities. The International Civil Aviation Organisation indicates that aviation noise level is determined by a number of factors: aircraft and engine type, daytime air traffic density, weather conditions and – above all – the pilot’s skills.

Heathrow Airport has one of the most rigorous silence policies and a ranking called „Clean and Quiet Heathrow Programme” which evaluates airlines based on seven criteria. Recently Lot Polish Airlines has ranked 1st in this Programme, leaving many prestigious airlines behind.

Our aviation law expert, Joanna Wieczorek and Jakub Kurpas, CDA manager  (also a Boeing 737 captain) explain in the Kaleidoscope magazine (February edition) what were the most important factors that had helped our carrier win the ranking. What is Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) and why is it superior to a traditional landing procedure? Why it is important to fly in NPRs? Please read our interview and learn more about ECO-trend in flying.


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