How to increase copper extraction in Poland?

On 30th September 2019, the Lewiatan Confederation organized a conference entitled “How to increase copper extraction in Poland?”

The conference was attended by:

  • Piotr Spaczyński, Managing Partner at SSW Pragmatic Solutions,
  • Przemysław Pruszyński, Expert at the Lewiatan Confederation, Secretary of the Tax Council of the Lewiatan Confederation,
  • Jerzy Materna, Member of the Sejm (Polish Parliament) (member of the Law and Justice political party) Representative of the Lubuskie Voideship Local Authorities, entrepreneur.

During the conference, the gathered experts and invited guests discussed potential solutions to enable mining projects to be conducted profitably in Poland. They also discussed amendments to the Tax Act insofar as concerns the extraction of certain minerals. The currently applicable law does not create friendly conditions for undertaking new mining projects. Ever since the tax on extracting certain minerals was introduced in 2012, new copper and silver mining projects in Poland have ceased to be profitable.

Poland has very low levels of copper extraction, although its levels of extracting other documented deposits are amongst the highest in Europe. Launching investments in this sector would mean an increase in foreign direct investment, which translates into the creation of several thousand jobs, increased commercial profits and huge tax revenues to the State Treasury and local governments.

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