Is this the End of the 30-fold ZUS Limit?

On November 13th, a group of deputies submitted a draft amendment to the Sejm (Polish Parliament) abolishing the upper limit of contributions for retirement and disability pension insurance starting from 2020.

Let us remind you that the assumptions of the draft budget act for 2020 provide for budget revenues in this respect. In addition to this, the draft concerning the abolition of the 30-fold limit on social security contributions is de facto ready (it has already been adopted by Parliament once, but its entry into force was suspended by the Constitutional Tribunal for procedural reasons). Should it, therefore, be expected that these changes will take place very quickly after the final decision of the governing bodies?

What would such a change in ZUS contributions mean for your organization? How is it best to prepare for it? It is worth considering all available options.

Feel free to contact us. Our experts will prepare answers and solutions for you that are related to the issue of 30-fold ZUS contributions.

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