Maciej Duch, Sebastian Ponikowski and Tomasz Wickel delivered presentations during the workshop on “REITs – a new instrument on the real estate market”

On 20-21 September 2017, a workshop titled  “REITs – a new instrument on the real estate market” was held in Warsaw.

During the meeting, presentations titled “Overview of a new investment model in the light of the Act on real estate lease market companies” and “Key doubts related to the taxation of REITs” were delivered by Maciej Duch, Sebastian Ponikowski and Tomasz Wickel.

During their presentations, real estate industry experts described how the REIT model works in other countries and pondered over the transferability of those solutions onto the Polish market. In addition, business cases of companies operating in Poland according to the REIT model were reviewed during the workshop to find out whether their activity turned out to be a success or a failure.

The workshop was attended by developers, representatives of commercial real estate sector as well as persons interested in this form of investments.

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