How to sell green energy to industrial companies?

During the seminar entitled “Amendment to the act on RES and other laws”, Dominik Strzalkowski (Partner), Grzegorz Pizon (Counsel) and Rafał Włodarski (Senior Associate):

  • will remove the models of corporate PPAs used, broken down into contracts involving physical energy supply and so-called virtual agreements;
  • will comment on the existing two agreement standards developed by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) and published on 18 June by the Association of European Energy Entrepreneurs (EFET) in cooperation with RE-Source;
  • will talk about the possibilities of implementation of PPAs and corporate PPAs in the Polish realities and in the case of companies with different profiles;
  • will draw the attention to contractual clauses, important from the point of view of our market, including termination of the agreement or change of rules during the term of the agreement due to the financial situation of the partner acting as an intermediary in energy trading or delays in the project implementation;
  • will present the perspective of industrial recipients that will allow producers to understand the needs of recipients;
  • will explain whether corporate PPAs will be able to provide additional collateral for loans taken for investments implemented in the auction system;
  • will answer questions that bother guests.

In the era of increasing demand for renewable energy, corporate PPPAs become an inseparable part of the RES business. This is the future of financing the cheapest forms of green energy production. Therefore, each entrepreneur wishing to invest in the solar and wind energy sectors should explore this topic.


It is worth learning from those who share reliable knowledge and provide ready-made solutions.


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