The Legal500 ranking recommends SSW Pragamatic Solutions in 15 categories

We are pleased to announce that our firm has been ranked in the Legal500 in as many as fifteen categories:

  • Private clients
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Investment funds
  • Capital markets
  • Construction
  • Data privacy and data protection
  • Private equity
  • Real estate
  • Restructuring and insolvency
  • Tax
  • Banking and finance
  • Commercial, corporate and M&A
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual property
  • TMT

In two of the above categories (in bold) we were distinguished for the first time!

In addition, three of our lawyers, Szymon Okoń, Igor Muszyński and Tomasz Kwaśniewski, were distinguished in the categories, respectively:

  • dr Szymon Okoń – Next Generation Partners
  • Igor Muszyński – Hall of Fame, Leading individuals: Hall of Fame
  • Tomasz Kwaśniewski – Rising Stars

Congratulations to all the teams and the individually awarded lawyers.

We thank our clients for their positive feedback.

Here is a summary of our clients’ opinions:

  • Private client :

We have worked with SSW for many years; we can always count on very reliable service and advice and collaboration is at the highest levels

Mrs Patrycja Gozdziowska has a great knowledge of taxes.

  • Energy and natural resources:

Pragmatic solutions. Knowledge about the energy business.

This is an exceptional team and its strengths are knowledge, experience, professional advice, support et every stage of a given process, and full information to the client, leaving no doubts unanswered. The Client feels taken care of and his case is run by a dedicated team from start to finish.

Very insightful about upcoming legislations and possible technical innovations for the polish market. As a counsel cautions a mindful and restrained approach, which fits the polish market and business attitude quite well. Very responsive to calls and requests. The team is willing to take on an additional workload to conclude a project and task, which we did not always find with other firms. Very good communication with members of our team on all levels.

Grzegorz Filipowicz is always very responsive and attached to the project.

Dominik Strzałkowski is a very good example of the calm and collected approach we appreciate from the firm.

These team are distinguished by knowledge, experience and a special interest in the matter. I can indicate Grzegorz Filipowicz in this regard.

  • Investment funds:

What I like about SSW is the young dynamic talented team and good communication. They are solution oriented. I also know that they are active in LegalTech area.

What makes Tomasz Kwaśniewski a very good lawyer is the fact that he is open minded and creative. He can easily transform our business ideas into relevant clauses in the agreements.

Great experienced team.

  • Capital markets:

Szymon Okoń is knowledgeable, communicative and has a no-nonsense approach.

Legal support provided with all stages of IPO procedure. SSW team has strong commercial awareness and proactive approach.

Szymon Okoń commands a strong reputation and has a wealth of experience in this sector. His very good understanding of the underlying economics makes his legal advice even better.

Fully committed and professional approach, trustworthy for my clients. Innovative approach.

The team is known for exceptional strength across the entire capital markets spectrum. Boasts an enviable client base comprising prestigious corporates and financial institutions. Competent, hard-working and helpful.

Szymon Okoń is very recognized in the market. I am impressed with his very pragmatic working style, proactive communication and high accessibility.

They are particularly good at explaining the legal background and putting things into context. Very professional and reliable.

Szymon Okoń is not only a good lawyer, but also a great financial analyst and professional on every activity and detail. His very strong professional experience in numerous capital markets transactions, combined with educational background, enables him to provide clients with tailor-made advice concerning not only purely legal issues but also financial issues.

  • Construction:

The team of lawyers has very good competences and extensive knowledge, as well as extensive experience.

I can recommend cooperation with SSW. They are professionals. During our cooperation they were always prepared for the meetings and were very helpful in negotiation of the contact.

  • Data privacy and data protection:

We have great client experience with SSW. They are always responsive, responsible and professional.

Timely response and efficient management of matters with a 100% ratio of successful assessments on privacy related issues. They are able to deliver good trainings to privacy teams on complex matters.

Very professional attorneys, excellent knowledge, excellent communication. Very quick to answer questions and solve tasks. They know our business and the nature of our work which makes them unique.

Very good expertise, good identification of legal risks and finding creative solutions.

Good, practical and responsive advice.

Katarzyna Szczudlik has exceptional expertise.

  • Private equity:

Young, dynamic and driven.

SSW covers broad range of law areas and can provide comprehensive advise.

I work with Szymon Okoń: Driven, responsive and dedicated to clients.

  • Tax:

SSW Pragmatic Solutions managed to build a very wide tax team. SSW Pragmatic Solutions is able to provide tax services in the full spectrum of matters that may be important for businesses operating in Poland.

Our main contact is Tomasz Wickel, partner of SSW Pragmatic Solutions. Tomasz is a great tax lawyer. He has an unusual combination of knowledge of tax law and company law, which is extremely useful in complex restructuring processes. Having Tomasz in the tax team, I am confident about the tax security of the group.

Patrycja Gozdziowska = in my opinion probably the best expert on taxes in Poland.

  • Banking and finance:

Most important are people. Young, dynamic and driven. SSW covers broad range of law areas and can provide comprehensive advise. They have a big scale already with ambition to grow further.

I work mostly with Szymon Okoń and Tomasz Kwaśniewski. Young lawyers with big experience already. Driven, responsive and dedicated to clients.

SSW Pragmatic Solutions is a law firm offering a complex and premium services. They understand the importance of structuring financing transactions in an way that is both legally effective and tax efficient. They also offer the full scope of advice and support in connection with any regulatory issues.

I highly recommend Dr Szymon Okoń, who is dedicated and precise, proactive and solution-oriented, responsive to the needs of the client. He is not only a great lawyer, but also a great financial analyst and professional on every activity and detail.

Law firm offering a premium service, highly regarded practice group that advises on large-scale financing and refinancing mandates, esteemed for its activity in real estate and project finance.

Szymon Okon is dedicated and precise, proactive and solution-oriented, responsive to the needs of the client, not only a great lawyer, but also a great financial analyst. professional on every activity and detail. Tomasz Kwaśniewski is a lawyer with deep understanding of capital and financial markets.

SSW is well-regarded firm with an excellent reputation for project finance, able to lead complex deals. Very competent team, professional and responsive; highly intelligent approach.

I have personally very positive experiences working with Szymon Okoń – he is quick at finding solutions to specific problems, very client-focused. He carries out perfect cooperation.

  • Commercial, corporate and M&A:

Comprehensive solutions that are fully customised to clients’ individual business needs. Legal support provided with all stages of M&A transactions. The team is very client-focused.

Szymon Okoń commands a strong reputation and has a wealth of experience in this sector. He is a professional searching for alternative ways to agree on solutions acceptable to different stakeholders.

  • Dispute resolution:

Very reliable lawyers.

Filip Balcerzak is very dilligent and attentive and clever at finding solutions. Janusz Mazurek is reliable and responsible.

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