The charity evening organised by “Między Niebem a Ziemią” Foundation

On 4th December, another charity evening organised by “Między Niebem a Ziemią” Foundation will take place at the Hotel Warszawa in Warsaw. SSW has supported that valuable initiative for many years and we actively participate in promoting the Foundation’s activities.

Within SSW’s Sports Team, our employees and partners participate in sponsored runs and donate 1 EUR for each kilometre completed during running events. The money goes to children who are suffering from terminal diseases and who receive assistance from the foundation.

If, at running events, you notice the words ‘Running for the little ones. Supporting terminally ill children’ and saw a logo with a rainbow, you have seen one of the members of SSW’s Sports Team.

The Foundation was established by Sylwia Zarzycka. It cares for terminally ill children and their parents. The foundation’s resources enable it to provide support so that children can receive specialised, long-term rehabilitation and access to additional care which enables their parents or guardians to have a rest. Furthermore, the siblings of such children can participate in outings and camps with other children in a situation similar to their own – this often helps to maintain normal relationships between siblings in such families.

If you are interested in joining the charity evening, please contact the Foundation and Ms. Sylwia Zarzycka.

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