Coronavirus and GDPR

The recently growing number of coronavirus cases in Poland constitutes a major problem for business activities. How is it possible to balance public health protection and prevention of the epidemics spreading on one hand, and on the other – protection of personal data of the employees, customers or business partners?

  • Do you have applicable procedures for such extreme situations?
  • What questions can you ask your employee, customer, business partner?
  • What about collection of particularly sensitive personal data?
  • Can you provide the data of an infected employee to a customer, if that employee visited the customer’s office?
  • How are your actions related to the labour law?

How can we help?

  • We assist in creating emergency response procedures
  • We provide support in creating messages for the employees, customers, business partners
  • We ensure that you process personal data in connection with the coronavirus in accordance with the law and do not infringe the personality rights of the data subjects

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