Agile law firm? Agile and projects management – Łukasz Węgrzyn in Poza prawem podcast

Łukasz Węgrzyn on agile at the firm i.e. how to efficiently manage complicated projects and organizations in the Poza prawem [Beyond the law] podcast. Also on courage and how to manage relationships with clients, on the young generation and changes in communication, new recruitments and the fact that everyone has the right to make mistakes.

What exactly is agile? One must build and manage complicated projects and organizations in such a way that the company is able to quickly, dynamically and efficiently (in terms of costs and time) adapt to market needs, to quickly make a turn which allows it to reach the client with new services in the shortest time possible. However, such a transformation is difficult, it is a long-term process. That is why we must inscribe in the DNA of our organization, that is our people, that we need to constantly evolve and constantly learn.

Such experts are part of the SSW team.


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