Important deadline for large new PV and wind farms concerning ION/FON permits – 27 April 2021

Owners of type D power-generating modules still have 6 days to submit a declaration of conformity in order to obtain a final operating permit FON.

Pursuant to the NC RfG Regulation (2016/631), in order to obtain a final operating permit FON, an owner of a type D power-generating module must submit equipment certificates confirming that the module meets the requirements of the NC RfG Regulation.

The certificates may be submitted either as part of the interim operational permit ION procedure or, once obtained, as part of the procedure for remedying ION permit deficiencies, as identified by the competent operator.

However, during the so-called transition period from 27 April 2019 until 27 April 2021, owners of type D power-generating modules may submit declarations of conformity issued by equipment suppliers instead of equipment certificates.

Accordingly, only a short time remains to submit declarations of conformity. After this period, the operator will only accept equipment certificates.

At present, no information is available on whether the transition period will be extended.

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