Dominik Strzałkowski participated in the PSEW conference on CPPAs

Dominik Strzałkowski participated in the PSEW conference, in the “Implementation of CPPA in practice” debate on trading companies’ role in sleeved cPPAs, balancing mechanisms, pros and cons of baseload option and other crucial elements of non-virtual cPPAs.

Corporate PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) can be an interesting opportunity, both for the renewable energy producers and the purchasers. They connect the producers and receivers, enabling them to create a stable link with long-term contracts. They are also an alternative to the government guarantees and auctions systems.

One of these systems, already available in Poland, are the sleeved corporate PPAs, creating direct contracts between the energy producers and receivers, with the energy prices set in advance, and the energy being transferred via existing infrastructure, for a set delivery fee with the infrastructure administrator.

Sleeved corporate PPAs are a great alternative for business power buyers. Direct contracts with the producers and stable prices of energy can heavily influence the decision making process of business energy purchase.

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