Partner promotion at SSW – Jakub Jędrzejewski

In 2019, as many as eight people became partners at SSW Pragmatic Solutions. In January, there was another addition, with Jakub Jędrzejewski, managing the competition law and consumer protection practices, becoming a  partner at SSW.

Jakub Jędrzejewski is a legal counsel specialising in competition law. He represents our clients before the competition protection authorities with respect to the antitrust regulations. He manages both local and international or exterritorial projects. He has developed and implemented antitrust compliance programmes, including due diligence audits of enterprises, their associations and branch organisations, and their distribution structures, discount and pricing policies. He assesses where there may be possible breaches of the competition law and advises the customers in applying the optimum remedies. Additionally, Jakub specialises in advising on consumer protection law and  trade agreements law.
Jakub has over 15 years of experience in legal advising for national enterprises and international capital groups. He has been working for SSW for over ten years.

He graduated from the Law and Administration Faculty of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He is also a member of the Competition Law Association.

Barbara Lenarcik, marketing and business development director at SSW, stated that:
“In light of the increasingly restrictive regulations and controls, meeting the antitrust requirements has become one of the key elements of risk management. Jakub – our new partner – has been successfully developing the competition protection practice at SSW for over ten years, and in that period he has executed many local and international projects.”

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