A hint of beauty in our office space

The SSW Pragmatic Solutions office in Warsaw has recently undergone extensive renovations. The interior decoration of our new office demanded some amount of artistry… Fortunately our lawyers came to the rescue.

As it turns out, there are many art lovers and experts at SSW. Our lawyers actively joined in the search for artists willing to share their talents. The result of their joint effort was that we managed to acquire the works of Magdalena Lenartowicz – a very promising painter, who can already be proud of her rich artistic achievements.

The idea of displaying paintings seemed wonderfully complimentary to the architecture. I would like for my paintings to give a sense of peace, relief and pleasure.

– says Magdalena.

Magdalena Lenartowicz began her artistic education at the Zespół Szkół Plastycznych im. Józefa Brandta (Józef Brandt Art School) in Radom. She is a graduate of the University of Warsaw. She describes herself as “passionate about colours, good taste and beauty.” She loves abstract art and baroque art. She draws her inspiration from nature which is the model for original simplicity and colours. She is not afraid of experimenting and allows herself to play freely between form and colour on canvas. In her personal life, she is a wife, mother and art historian.

Individual exhibitions:

  • Nabo Cafe Warsaw 2019
  • Etno Cafe Janki 2019
  • Chono Lulu Bistro Bar SohoFactory 2019
  • Wilanów Cultural Center 2019.

We encourage you to follow Magdalena’s profile on Instagram.

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