Obligatory dematerialisation of securities

Date: 11 March 2020

Location: Trading Hall of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (ul. Książęca 4, floor II)

Are you familiar with the new rules concerning stock transfers? What will be the results of the revolution at the M&A and financial institutions market for the economic system? Are you familiar with the dematerialisation schedule?

Those and other questions will be answered by Katarzyna Solarz (partner, attorney-at-law) during the conference entitled “Obligatory dematerialisation of securities”. We are pleased to invite you to the conference together with the Polish Association of Listed Companies.

Apart from SSW Pragmatic Solutions, the partners of the meeting include: Warsaw Stock Exchange, Navigator Brokerage House, Sadkowski i Wspólnicy.

You can register for the event and access the documents designated for the members of the Polish Association of Listed Companies only after logging in to the website. You can register using the registration form.

The conference is addressed to the representatives of listed companies: management board offices, legal departments, members of the management boards and persons responsible for legal and organisational issues in the companies.

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