Squeeze out of WDB Brokerzy Ubezpieczeniowi S.A. shares has been publicly notified. SSW Pragmatic Solutions acted as the shareholders’ legal advisor in the process.

The shareholders of WDB Brokerzy Ubezpieczeniowi S.A. (“Issuer”) have made a public notification of their intention to purchase the Issuer’s shares by way of a squeeze out in line with the Act on Public Offering.

During the squeeze out, the shareholders intend to acquire 1,838,484 shares, i.e. 9.03% of the Issuer’s shares.

WDB Brokerzy Ubezpieczeniowi S.A. is a licensed insurance broker, which was established in 2006. The Issuer’s shares are listed on the alternative trading system on the NewConnect Market.

The project team was led by Szymon Okoń, Ph.D. (SSW partner), supported by Dawid Brudzisz (associate).

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