Another lawsuit success of the SSW labor law practice!

This has been yet another appeal won by the labor law team. This time we represented a defendant from whom their ex-employer claimed damages due to a breach of the company’s secret and the non-competition clause. The employer tried to pursue claims in the amount of PLN 200,000, announcing that the damage amounts to PLN 2 million, so a lost case could mean serious consequences for our client.

We have won the case before the court of first instance at 4/5 (the court ordered only PLN 40,000). This was an amount acceptable to our client, however, having analyzed the decision, we recommended to our client not to lay down arms. Our appeal hit home! The court of second instance changed the decision and dismissed the claim in whole in a legally-binding manner, and awarded the costs of legal proceedings to our client.

All proceedings, from the very beginning to the final success, have been led personally by Marcin Cetnarowicz, leader of the labor law practice at SSW. This is yet another large win by Marcin.

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