Road Map of e-commerce implementations, or which legal aspects to consider when implementing e-commerce projects.

Every contemporary seller or distributor aims to build an e-commerce channel. It is the most dynamically expanding sales model. It is also a sales channel dominated by third party suppliers. Moreover, an increasingly important role in this sales model is played by legislation that regulates data, consumers or privacy.

How should you design your e-commerce strategy in the current regulatory environment and what kind of contractual relationships should you nurture with providers of IT solutions that provide the foundations for an online channel? Our workshop answers these and many other questions.

Why is it worth attending?

Understanding the specific nature of contracts concluded with IT suppliers for e-commerce purposes and learning the best negotiation practices within that area will not only increase your legal security but will also, perhaps primarily, enable you to make cost and time savings. The key to this is the creation of suitable billing models for IT suppliers and ensuring that the way in which you license IT solutions is adapted to suit your particular business model.

During the workshop, we will present the best negotiation practices when dealing with suppliers of e-commerce solutions. We will also help you to understand the specificities of contracts for such solutions.

Maximum number of participants: 30

Applications are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis, so early registration is encouraged.

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