Coronavirus business points

Enterprises are already beginning to be affected by the negative effects of the coronavirus. Companies, whose operations are based on a global supply chain, are particularly vulnerable. The coronavirus’s impact on the global economy has been shown by the unprecedented slumps in global stock exchanges.

Is your company – due to the coronavirus epidemic – affected (or will soon be affected) by significant disruption to your business operations , or is it preventing you from fulfilling your business contracts?

  • Are you afraid of liability for damages or termination of existing contracts by your counterparties?
  • Are you looking for early termination options for your existing contracts?
  • Do you need legal solutions that will allow to avoid or limit negative consequences for the future?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to at least one of the above questions, please contact us:

  • we will verify your contracts, regulations, and model contracts in terms of the force majeure clauses contained in them; the so-called allocation, or hardship clauses,
  • we will assess to what extent the existing clauses sufficiently protect your interests,
  • we will propose the appropriate methods for limiting financial risks, potentially shortening the duration of contracts as well as communicating with your counterparties and clients.

If your company has experienced financial difficulties or other operational disturbances in connection with the coronavirus outbreak, and you are afraid that the company is in danger of insolvency, you should take immediate restructuring measures.

How can we assist you?

  • we will analyse your financial situation,
  • we will propose the optimal legal solution as a basis for restructuring activities that will allow:
    • to avoid the need for the repayment of current liabilities,
    • to reinforce your position in negotiations with major creditors, including banks,
    • to prevent the termination of contracts that are crucial for the functioning of the enterprise,
    • to flexibly modify the employment level in line with market realities,
    • to terminate contracts whose further implementation is impossible or unprofitable.

If you are a party to court, administrative or regulatory proceedings, or before other authorities, we offer support in conducting, suspending or other appropriate actions to lift all risks related to the extraordinary circumstances caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

As some of our Partners are also fully qualified to practice law in Germany and England and Wales, we can also advise on matters under the laws of those important business jurisdictions

We encourage you to contact us!

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