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PW-SAT2 is a truly innovative project developed by a group of technology enthusiasts from the Warsaw University of Technology. The students have designed and constructed a satellite that is meant to test a breakthrough technology of deorbitation, using a dedicated deorbit sail. When successfully deployed, the technology will help reduce the amount of space debris (inoperative satellites, rocket bodies etc.) The satellite has many other innovative technologies on board: Sun Sensor, deployable solar arrays, advanced cameras – to name a few.

PW-SAT2 is scheduled to be launched into orbit in November 2018 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, USA. The satellite will be launched using Falcon 9 rocket provided by SpaceX company. More details about PW-SAT2 project can be found on their website: www.pw-sat.pl as well as on their Facebook profile: facebook.com/pwsat2.

The bold and innovative approach represented by the PW-SAT project team is fully in line with SSW Pragmatic Solutions’ values. We have been consistent in developing our advisory services in innovative ways which often go beyond legal counseling in the traditional sense of the term. Our decision to support PW-SAT 2 project is a logical continuation of our strategy. We want such impressive projects to succeed, because we sense in them a courageous and innovative approach to reality which resembles our own. To their authors we wish further success and consistency in heading for innovative, yet pragmatic goals. This is because we have learnt on our own that such a strategy proves to be successful.

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