SSW Pragmatic Solutions and IBM present AQUILA: a platform for automated analysis of documents

AQUILA uses advanced algorithms built with IBM Watson Studio for natural language analysis and cloud services. For example, it can check whether the clauses found comply with current corporate regulations and standards. The platform can already analyse the content in Polish, English and German.

The cooperation between SSW Pragmatic Solutions and IBM Global Technology Services was established in response to the firm’s need to quickly analyse large sets of documents, together with a preliminary assessment of the risk resulting from the content of provisions. One of the first projects in which the AQUILA platform was used was carrying out a detailed “due diligence” process regarding the contents of thousands of lease agreements. Without the use of artificial intelligence, this task would have been carried out on a small sample of documents only. AQUILA allowed for a quick and thorough analysis of all contracts and their provisions.

“The use of artificial intelligence in everyday business activities is the goal of many enterprises – the first one to start using it will be the first to achieve real business benefits. Solutions such as AQUILA make it possible to accelerate service, reduce costs and increase the accuracy and efficiency of people’s work”, says Piotr Spaczyński, managing partner of SSW Pragmatic Solutions. “The core of the AQUILA platform is artificial intelligence powered by knowledge and trained by experts working at our office in a given field” – he adds.

At this moment, the AQUILA platform is capable of analysing industry documents, including from the real estate and finance sector. AQUILA may check a single document in several dozen seconds. The platform can also carry out bulk analyses and present answers to inquiries about hundreds or even thousands of documents. Being a scalable system based on artificial intelligence, it can be easily adapted to specific business needs of each client by working in the background with existing systems or as a separate application.

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