Invitation to Tax Breakfast – New regulations on sanctions in taxes and change of the practice of tax authorities | 9.02.2017 Warsaw

The discussion during the upcoming tax breakfast to be held on 9 February (Thursday) between 09:30 and 11:30 at the SSW's offices in Warsaw (Rondo ONZ 1 – 12th floor) will focus on the principles regulating the possibility of assigning the responsibility for tax liabilities to management board members as well as the scope and timing for which such responsibility may be assigned. Next, we are going to cover questions related to penal-fiscal liability and methods of mitigating the risk of assigning such liability to management board members and key employees.

The speakers' role will be performed by the Partners of SSW and tax advisors, namely Łukasz Karpiesiuk and Patrycja Goździowska.

The participation in the meeting is free. We are looking forward to your participation: REGISTRATION

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