Restoration to work increasingly rare. Lawyers are also noticing the change in trend.

Comment by Marcin Cetnarowicz, partner in SSW Pragmatic Solutions’ labour law team on the upcoming amendment of article 477(2) § 2 CPC:

– I don’t ever remember a case where an employee requested to be taken back by an employer to the position he had been dismissed from – explains Marcin Cetnarowicz, legal advisor, partner in SSW Pragmatic Solutions. He went on to explain that it is an uncommon solution, because there is usually conflict between the employer and the employee, and so they don’t want to go back to work for their former employer. Also, it can take a year for a case to proceed through the labour courts, and many employees simply do not want to wait that long, so instead they often look for another job – adds counsel Cetnarowicz.

You can read the complete article on Gazeta Prawna.


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