How to Warm up the Financial Market?

An expert meeting of the Financial Platform regarding the draft Capital Market Development Strategy in Poland prepared by the Ministry of Finance was held at the headquarters of Employers of Poland. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the proposals contained in the project and to elaborate the comments of the Employers of Poland to the MF document.

Tomasz Wickel, partner at SSW Pragmatic Solutions, discussed a package of fiscal incentives for issuers and investors. Using the assumptions of the Ministry of Finance, the proposed solutions would be aimed at stimulating the development of the capital market in Poland.

The expert debate was attended by, among others :

– Wiesław Rozłucki
– Lidia Adamska
– Iwona Sroka
– Piotr Kamiński
– Tomasz Misiak
– Jarosław Dominiak.

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