E-commerce is a dynamically developing branch of a contemporary commerce. It is estimated that in 2019 alone, the value of shopping done online by Poles will reach 50 billion zlotys. Forecasts regarding the development of e-commerce are also optimistic: by 2022 the value of this market should increase by a further 20 billion zlotys.

Setting up a business in the e-commerce sector involves relatively few barriers to market entry. However, in order to successfully function in online commerce, it is necessary to comply with numerous requirements arising from legal provisions in various areas of law.

At SSW, we combine expert knowledge of intellectual property rights, personal data protection, consumer law, competition law and contract law, whilst also taking into account the additional special features of online trading. We provide comprehensive legal services for e-businesses by acting as a One-Stop-(e)Shop and providing advice from an interdisciplinary panel of experts who specialise in advising on e-commerce.

ochrona danych osobowych

Personal data protection

Intellectual property

Digital transformation

prawo ochrony konsumentów

Consumer protection law

Trade agreements law

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Our experience:

We advised a leading network of chemists to drafting its terms and conditions for an online chemist outlet and a loyalty programme. We assessed communications policies and practices with Polish consumers in general, with particular focus on the requirements stemming from consumer rights law, the provision of online services and the protection of personal data.

We advised an international producer of sportswear on its marketing activities (e-commerce, digital marketing, B2B and B2C online platforms, social media) in terms of privacy protection, online communication and transparency rules concerning loyalty programmes and marketing activities, including drafting consents and privacy policies.

We advised a brokerage house on the possibilities for profiling personal data of its clients, in the light of the GDPR and EU recommendations on profiling, whilst also taking into account the financial law rules which apply to brokerage houses. We advised on various aspects of the principle of accountability and information-providing obligations concerning communication on profiling.

We advised a leading producer within the automotive industry on its services and the functionality of connected cars in terms of personal data protection, the provision of online services and telecommunications law.

We advised a Poland-wide network of grocery shops and their franchise outlets in various locations on how to prepare for investigations by personal data protection controllers (inc. having assesses the client’s personal data processing documentation prior to the investigation and representing the client during an investigation, where no irregularities were found).

We advised an investment fund on numerous legal aspects of an online platform investor room in terms of online activity and compliance with personal data protection law, unfair competition law, consumer protection law and rules governing the provision of online services.

We advised one of the biggest producers of game consoles on its sales of vouchers, including reviewing its materials for communication with consumers.

We advised a global issuer of payment cards on the compatibility with Polish law (inc. consumer rights, competition law etc.).of its multijurisdictional terms and conditions for a payment system for online shopping.

We reviewed the drafts of terms and conditions on which a leading entity provided online currency exchange services, assessing their compliance with Polish law. We also advised and represented the client during an investigation conducted by the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection.

We advised a leading global-operating entity (which offers downloading and playing music on terminal equipment) on various aspects of consumer law.

We reviewed a French entity (which operates globally in the online sales of clothes) on its draft terms and conditions in the light of their compliance with consumer law.

We drafted terms and regulations for a brokerage house which operates an online platform that enables investors to conclude agreements for stockbroking services and to provide consumer information.

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