Patrycja Goździowska

Patrycja Goździowska



Tax advisor

Main practice


Selected projects

Developing a tax optimization plan involving the transfer of assets between closed investment funds within a structure that allows for further tax optimization of subsequent withdrawals from the fund – on behalf of a manufacturer of wooden products.

Developing and implementing a tax optimization plan associated with repayment and “rollover” of corporate bonds valued in excess of EUR 80 million.

Developing a VAT optimization plan for a real estate investment on behalf of one of the largest private universities in Poland; the value of the investment was PLN 100 million.

Developing a plan for asset restructuring and creating a capital group controlled by a closed investment fund in such a manner as to enable the tax-free transfer of profits generated by the fund’s assets to the personal assets of the fund’s participants.

Preparing the tax aspects of early redemption and partial-refinancing of corporate bonds.