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Poland plays an important role in the Belt and Road Initiative (一带一路). Our interdisciplinary team supports both Chinese companies entering the European market and companies looking to invest in the Chinese market.

With its ambitious and well-educated workforce, modern infrastructure and high-tech projects, Poland is one of the most dynamic European economies. It is an excellent entry point for Chinese investors seeking to commence their activities on the European market.

The Belt and Road Initiative (一带一路) has the potential to create many economic and business synergies between Poland and China. For example:

Poland China
Poland is committed to significant development and improvement of its infrastructure. An excellent example of this is the Central Transport Port (CPK) project. China has a wealth of experience in large infrastructure projects and can offer cost-effective technologies and solutions.
Poland is a producer of organic and high-quality food products. China’s domestic market sees demand for healthy food.
Poland is transforming its energy sector towards green energy. China is the largest producer of PV panels in the world.
Poland is well known in the Asian market for its cosmetic companies and especially for organic products. Customers in China are looking for new organic cosmetic products.

Poland lies in Central and Eastern Europe, between Germany and Russia – two of China’s strategic trading partners. It functions as a bridge between East and West.

For over a decade, the Polish economy has had the fastest growth rate in Europe. It was the only economy in the European Union not to be affected by the financial crisis in 2008.

  • According to data published by the World Bank, Poland’s GDP growth in 2022 was 4.9%.
  • The World Bank ranked Poland as a developed economy, ranking 21st worldwide in terms of GDP (PPP), 21st in terms of GDP (nominal), and 21st in the 2023 Economic Complexity Index.
  • A strong work ethos; a cultural emphasis on technical education and vocational training; along with a high rate of English language proficiency, means we have a highly skilled workforce and the cost of labour in Poland remains significantly lower than in Western Europe.

Foreign investors are encouraged to use Polish special economic zones. According to fDi Magazine’s ranking for 2022, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre led the pack, established peers China’s Dalian Free Trade Zone and Poland’s Katowice Special Economic Zone earned second and third place, respectively, in the global top 10. Pomeranian Special Economic Zone was ranked 7th, and Łódź Special Economic Zone 8th.

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  • Tax compliance services;
  • Tax accounting and legal advice.

Corporate and compliance

  • Helping to establish companies or branches of foreign companies;
  • Providing day-to-day corporate services for companies, branches, closed-end investment funds and alternative investment companies;
  • Negotiating and preparing commercial agreements;
  • Helping to implement restructurings, including transformations, demergers, mergers and liquidations.


  • Advising on the full spectrum of finance-related transactions, including investments and corporate mergers and acquisitions;
  • Financial modelling;
  • Advising on commercial, financial, legal and tax issues.

Family Office

  • Managing the assets of private clients;
  • Managing financial assets, real estate and businesses operating in various jurisdictions.

Specilised China desk team

  • Lawyers who have lived and studied in China;
  • Communication in Chinese (Mandarin);
  • Understanding of Chinese culture, history and way of doing business.