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Corporate Governance is a wide concept, covering all aspects of how a company is run (inc. the rules governing boards of directors, supervisory boards, shareholders etc.) To run efficiently and avoid conflicts between owners, managers, staff and investors, companies need to develop appropriate procedures and policies.

The ever-expanding list of laws and regulations that apply to companies, particularly regarding the liability of management board members, requires internal procedures to be constantly monitored and adapted to an increasingly complex legal environment

We help clients to ensure their businesses run smoothly and adapt as necessary to ensure compliance with all applicable legal norms and standards.

We help to create, and support the implementation of, corporate regulations, codes of conduct and corporate governance rules. We protect our clients from the risk of financial liability and the loss of reputation which can occur as a result of infringing legal norms.

Our team of experts has considerable experience in advising on corporate and commercial law, capital markets, taxes, competition, labour law, personal data protection, IP/IT, AML procedures and public procurement.


How can we help?

Some of our corporate governance services include:

  • corporate audits to review applicable procedures and regulations and develop practical recommendations;
  • creating internal regulations for companies and capital groups (statutes/ articles of association, regulations etc.);
  • developing and implementing a wide range of necessary corporate documentation;
  • monitoring legal changes concerning the liability of management board members;
  • representing the group, company, management or staff before the courts and administrative authorities;
  • managing shareholders’ meetings and general meetings;
  • advising on conflicts concerning the interpretation of corporate governance rules;
  • preparing managerial contracts,
  • optimising and restructuring the corporate structures of companies/groups.

Some of our compliance services include:

  • auditing existing compliance structures and rules, particularly as regards the liability of management board members, anti-corruption issues, employment issues, personal data and AML procedures,
  • developing internal compliance regulations, including:
    1. codes of conduct and procedures (such as anti-discrimination, anti-mobbing, anti-corruption etc.);
    2. organisational and management regulations including the division of competences and liabilities;
    3. infringement-reporting mechanisms and whistle-blower procedures;
    4. adapting organisational structures and liability rules so as to be compatible with compliance rules;
    5. supporting and working alongside compliance officers;
    6. developing procedures and rules for handling supervisory proceedings conducted by state authorities.

We also supplement the above with internal trainings on compliance procedures, corporate governance and issues concerning the liability of management board members. Our experts’ experience and insights help to shape the client’s corporate strategies for the future.

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