Corporate governance and compliance

We ensure that your business operations comply with both external legal regulations and your internal standards of conduct and corporate governance.

We provide you with comprehensive support. We have many years of expert experience in all necessary branches of law, including: company and capital markets law, taxation, competition, labour law, personal data protection, intellectual property, IT, AML procedures, public procurement and others (as required).

How can we help?

Corporate governance

  • Performing corporate audits: reviewing existing procedures and regulations and preparing practical recommendations;
  • Preparing internal regulations for companies and groups (articles of association/company agreements, corporate policies etc.);
  • Developing corporate documentation, preparing and implementing regulations on directors’ liability;
  • Representing companies before competent courts and state administrative authorities;
  • Handling general meetings of shareholders/shareholders;
  • Analysing contentious issues of corporate governance rules and/or litigation;
  • Preparing management contracts;
  • Optimising corporate structures for companies or groups, including restructurings.


  • Auditing corporate structures and compliance rules, particularly directors’ liability, anti-corruption issues, employee issues, personal data issues and AML procedures;
  • Drafting internal compliance regulations, particularly:
    • codes of conduct and procedures (e.g. anti-discrimination, anti-corruption, AML);
    • organisational and management policies and rules, including the division of powers and responsibilities;
    • mechanisms for reporting violations and dealing with whistleblowers;
  • Aligning the company’s organisational structure and rules of responsibility with compliance requirements;
  • Preparing terms of reference and contracts, together with your compliance officer;
  • Preparing procedures and rules of conduct in anticipation of an audit.


  • Delivering in-house training and workshops on compliance procedures, corporate governance and the responsibility of board members.

Selected projects

  • Auditing, developing and implementing internal regulations / compliance procedures in a large group of companies in the infrastructure construction sector, taking account of the fact that the holding company is listed on the WSE and the related standards (the procedures included, inter alia, a code of ethics, an anti-corruption procedure, procedures to prevent mobbing, compliance with occupational health and safety and GDPR compliance)
  • Auditing the decision-making system and tendering and purchasing procedures of a major airport management company. Preparing a detailed report and amendments to the client’s compliance procedures
  • Advising on restructuring a large international energy group (a leader in the market of protecting people and property). This included a multifaceted analysis of corporate governance rules, division of competences and the corporate decision-making system, contacts with contractors and internal procedures, including purchasing and employee procedures, proposing solutions and changes to existing internal regulations within the group of companies
  • Supporting the security and compliance departments of a Polish company belonging to a global mobile telephone network operator, including reviewing its anti-corruption and anti-fraud procedures
  • Ensuring corporate compliance (e.g. in a large chemical supply company and an international waste management and recycling company), regarding the management structure of group companies (articles of association/corporate agreements, corporate rules and procedure, organisational regulations, divisions of competences, etc.) in connection with auditing and advising on the optimal basis for employing management boards members and compliance directors of the group’s companies

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