Financial institutions and insurance

We recognise the importance of synergies between financial institutions, insurance and fintech. We advise in all of these areas, using multidisciplinary teams of experts to meet your particular business needs.

Clients which require advice on financial institutions or insurance are advised by our teams from the banking and finance, tax or labour law practices. We also evaluate and monitor regulatory compliance. We help you to develop new business models and offer support when you introduce new technologies.

How can we help?

  • Implementing Anti-Fraud and Sales Quality models (opinion, implementation, effectiveness testing);
  • Monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements in the fintech area;
  • Implementing suitable methodologies for insurance and banking, AML, IDD, CRD IV and CRD V;
  • Fit&Proper – optimal application of suitable methodologies for members of corporate organs;
  • Delivering workshops and training courses for companies.

Selected projects

  • Supporting the development of remote sales of bancassurance products of one of the oldest insurance companies;
  • Providing regulatory support to a Polish bank in its relations with the FSA. Supporting bancassurance product development; 
  • Advising a provider of assistance services on distributing insurance products, including product design, ensuring compliance with the applicable law, PFSA recommendations and the practice of European regulators. Helping to increase the effectiveness of sales processes in the new business environment; 
  • Advising a Polish bank on the effectiveness of its customer onboarding processes, optimising regulatory requirements vs. business needs.